arquideco10_Decorations REALISTIC


This set contains 6 realistic decoration objects created with a technique that allows any texture to flow seamless along the surfaces. The old leather bag comes in 4 different sizes and the surfboard has 3 variations for different placing methods. They also react to graphic overrides and you can zoom in endlessly on them while keeping the detail. Realistic models are best for rendering and the Realistic View Style


REALISTIC = correctly textured, modify families as instances (same family – different materials), supports graphic overrides
Instance visibility parameters: No
Type visibility parameters: No
Instance material parameters: Yes – vases and sculpture
Type material parameters: Yes
Scalable: Yes – Decorative ball is scalable; other elements come in 3 different sizes
Custom textures: Yes
variations = Old leather bag comes in 4 sizes, surfboard comes in 3 different variations with different placement
Revit family category: Generic Models
RFA Filesize: 688 KB – 4.48 MB
Works with: Revit 2017 and above


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