a new approach to Revit families

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arquitree populate

our new Dynamo Package that automates the placement of our families

arquitree.com presents the best way to populate your Revit project, beeing user friendly, scalable, working as a whole, with various type and instance visibility parameters and material parameters and reacting to the Revit detail levels to provide a smooth workflow; our new Dynamo Package called “arquitree populate” will help you place our families automatically

from plans and sections to 3Ds and Renderings

you will find all the needed families to bring life to your project

Why choose arquitree Revit families

watch our short presentation to get a glimpse of the advantages provided by our families

very easy to load, simply drag & drop onto the desired surface and then pull the blue handle to scale

the changes you make are visible in all views in real time with correct shadows

thanks to our coarse geometries you can work with hundreds of our families in a single project

various instance & type parameters to customize appearance and materials

all our families have the same build-up, similar parameters and react to the detail levels; this way you can organize and work with them as a whole