arquichair66_hammock chair_REALISTIC


Hammock chair hanging for interiors or exteriors. This particular model has instance parameters that allow you to modify the rope hanging length or scale the fastened rope to fit a beam for example. In elevation views you can drag the handles for this or in any other view you can enter your desired dimenisons. “REALISTIC” FAMILIES are our premium models that have several advantages: they are correctly textured, consist of mostly instance materials that allow you to easily create duplicates with different materials (you can choose any material) and they accept patterns and graphic overrides. The pillow can easily be turned off with a simple instance parameter. Possibility to specify a placeholder in Enscape. See tutorials for more details


This Revit hammock chair is an arquitree REALISTIC family

REALISTIC = correctly textured, modify families as instances (same family – different materials), supports graphic overrides
Instance visibility parameters: Yes
Type visibility parameters: No
Instance material parameters: No
Type material parameters: Yes
Custom textures: Yes
Reacts to view detail levels: coarse | medium
Revit family category: Furniture
RFA Filesize: 12.5 MB
Works with: Revit 2017 and above

Please watch this youtube video to see the general workflow of our Revit families

To see the custom textures in Revit you have two options:
1. Copy the textures to the default Autodesk Materials texture folder
2. Copy all the textures from arquitree into one folder;
in Revit select the Revit logo in the top left and then “Options”;
in the Options Menu under “Rendering” click the + sign and add the location of the folder

For both cases you should do this before loading the families into Revit!

NOTE: If you have a “REALISTIC” family from arquitree and it contains a scalable version, it could be that this version doesn’t use the detailed maps as the fixed size versions, but a seamless texture!

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