arquitreepack04 – 7 scalable conceptual trees


7 conceptual trees that are scalable and have shaded and customizable plan views. Simply drag and drop the blue handles when selected in plan view to scale the trees. To customize the plan view appearance go to Visibility/Graphic Overrides > Imported Categories > Imports in families > any layers starting with “2D arquiconcept_…”


Correctly textured; support graphic overrides
Scalable Version: yes
Instance material parameters: Yes – crowns
Type material parameters: Yes
Custom textures: No
7 different versions
Reacts to view detail levels: coarse | fine
Revit family category: Planting
See tutorials to see how to change planter shape
Planter is parametric and reacts independently from the plant, keeping the plant on the soil and keeping the parameters no matter of the chosen planter shape
RFA Filesize: 1.24 – 4.07 MB
Works with: Revit 2017 and above


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