This REALISTIC ficus plant comes in 5 fixed sizes. It doesn’t contain a scalable version because Revit doesn’t scale the UV mapping with the object so the textures of the leaves wouldn’t look real anymore. Planter is parametric independently from the plant. You can turn off the planter and the root of the plant will attach to the level it was placed on. You can also change the shape of the planter while keeping the parameter assignments. Each of the 3 stems has an instance visibility parameter. “REALISTIC” FAMILIES are our premium models that have several advantages: they are correctly textured, consist of mostly instance materials that allow you to easily create duplicates with different materials (you can choose any material) and they accept patterns and graphic overrides. Realistic models are best for rendering and the Realistic View Style no matter if you use V-ray, Enscape or the native Revit renderer. Possibility to specify a placeholder in Enscape. See tutorials for more details


REALISTIC = correctly textured, supports graphic overrides
Scalable Version: no, but 5 fixed sizes that have correct and realistic textured leaves and bark
Instance material parameters: Yes – planter
Type material parameters: Yes
Custom textures: Yes
5 versions: 5 fixed sizes
Reacts to view detail levels: coarse | medium | fine
Simple parameter to turn off planter and the root of the plant attaches to the level
Revit family category: Planting
Fixed sizes: 85cm | 100cm | 115cm | 130cm | 145cm
See tutorials to see how to change planter shape
Planter is parametric and reacts independently from the plant, keeping the plant on the soil and keeping the parameters no matter of the chosen planter shape
RFA Filesize: 1.09 – 1.12 MB
Instance visibility parameters: 3 different stems
Works with: Revit 2017 and above


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