scalable arquiplant50 Hanging

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LOG IN or REGISTER TO DOWNLOAD! Realistic hanging plant with detailed/non-detailed geometry (Coarse Detail Level geometry for a smooth workflow) and planter on/off parameter. Fixed sizes are compatible with arquiplanters for swapping planter families. Planter has dimension parameters. Compatible with arquiplanters for easily swapping planter families while keeping the parameter connections. Edit materials from the Type/Instance Properties. Possibility to specify a placeholder in Enscape. Comes in 3 fixed sizes + 1 scalable. See tutorials for more details

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Scalable Version: yes
Instance visibility parameters: Yes – Planter on/off
Type visibility parameters: No
Instance material parameters: Yes – planter
Type material parameters: Yes – plant
Instance dimension parameters: Yes – planter
Type dimension parameters: No
Custom textures: Yes
4 versions: 3 fixed sizes, 1 scalable
Reacts to view detail levels: coarse | medium
Revit family category: Planting
Fixed sizes: 40cm | 50cm | 60cm
RFA Filesize: 1.37 MB
Works with: Revit 2017 and above
Works with arquiplanters: Yes (fixed sizes only)

7 reviews for scalable arquiplant50 Hanging

  1. ramsescasas29

    how can I download this?

    • cevdarie

      Hello! First create an account and then you will see on the right side of any free product “Available Downloads:”. Below you will find the download links

  2. wedad

    its very good site well done

    • cevdarie

      Thank you very much!

  3. miguel alejandro

    Es perfecto

    • cevdarie

      Gracias 🙂

  4. renohadi.tsrt

    I Like Webstite Library Revit Material Archi

  5. archconsult9

    Yes i like it

  6. alias.ashraf3333333333

    thank you ,it’s so good

  7. borghildur

    Very nice hanging plant!

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