arquifigurepack02 – 13 mixed figures



This package contains 13 walking, sitting and standing figures for Revit 2017 & higher. Each comes  with 2 versions, one workplane based and one non-workplane based (attaches to topography). Materials can be modified from the Type Properties panel


Contains 13 walking, sitting & standing figures:

arquifigure07 Person standing

arquifigure08 Person walking

arquifigure09 Person standing

arquifigure10 Person standing with phone

arquifigure25 Person sitting

arquifigure31 Person standing

arquifigure33 Person sitting

arquifigure35 Person sitting

arquifigure37 Person sitting

arquifigure47 Kid standing

arquifigure52 Person sitting

arquifigure53 Person walking

arquifigure54 Person walking



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