arquitreepack01 – 9 trees detailed & scalable

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This package contains 9 highly detailed families for Revit 2017 & higher. Each comes in 3 fixed sizes and a scalable version. Lots of instance materials that let you customize each tree without having to duplicate the type. Materials can be modified from the Instance –  and Type Properties panels


Contains 9 detailed trees:

scalable arquitree04 Detailed Conifer

scalable arquitree06 Detailed Broadleaf

scalable arquitree08 Detailed Broadleaf

scalable arquitree09 Detailed Tuia

scalable arquitree10 Palm

scalable arquitree16 Willow

scalable arquitree19 Detailed Conifer

scalable arquitree21 Detailed Broadleaf

scalable arquitree22 Detailed Broadleaf

1 review for arquitreepack01 – 9 trees detailed & scalable

  1. Mitsinh Barad

    good job

    • cevdarie (verified owner)

      Thank you!

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