arquiMegapack01 – 178 human figures



This Megapack contains the complete collection of human figures (people) published on our website until 01.04.2020, sitting-, sports-, standing- and walking figures (including kids). Watch this tutorial to understand some of their advantages


YOU SAVE 60.76 $!

-178 human arquifigures each containing 2 verisons – 1 workplane based, 1 non-workplane based:

  • 30 sitting figures;
  • 63 sports figures;
  • 58 standing figures;
  • 28 walking figures.

Revit category: Entourage

Average filesize: aprox. 800KB

The total downloadable zip files have a filesize of 1.26 GB

All the families contain 3D geometry so they synchronize and cast correct shadows in any view.

All the families react to the Revit Detail Levels and the Coarse Detail Level should be used when working on your project to provide a smooth workflow.

The families work as a whole and provide an easy way to populate entire projects and bring them to life while the materials can be modified from the Type properties; you should not replace the materials with different materials, just replace or modify the assets.

The sports figures with balls contain visibility parameters for the balls. You can switch them on/off and choose if you want them detailed or not.

The families provide a common look and reaction to parameters so no different and confusing parameters.

This package doesn’t contain the free families.

All the families contain a type parameter that allows them to display any placeholder in Enscape. That way you can have the arquitree graphics inside your Revit project and the Enscape assets in Enscape. When you move the arquifamily in Revit, the Enscape moves to. This comes in handy if you don’t want to display human silhouettes in Enscape for example.


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