arquigrasspack02 – automatic placement with populate


This grass pack contains 18 tall grass and clover patches that are compatible with our Dynamo Pack called “arquitree populate” that allows automatic placement of the patches and will cover large surfaces or boundaries in seconds. For more information please see our tutorials.


Scalable Version: No
Instance visibility parameters: Yes – Clover on/off
Type visibility parameters: No
Instance material parameters: Yes – Coarse geometry
Type material parameters: Yes – Medium and fine geometry
Custom textures: No
Reacts to view detail levels: coarse | medium | fine
Revit family category: Planting
RFA Filesize: from 464 KB to 2.69 MB depends on size of the patch
Works with: Revit 2017 and above
Total downloadable RFA archive filesize: 25.5 MB


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