arquifigurepack05 – 10 mixed figures



This package contains 10 walking, sitting, standing and sports figures for Revit 2017 & higher. Each comes  with 2 versions, one workplane based and one non-workplane based (attaches to topography) and can be placed automatically using Arquitree Popoulate. Materials can be modified from the Type Properties panel. Possibility to specify a placeholder in Enscape


Contains 10 walking, sitting, standing & sports figures:

arquifigure05 Person standing

arquifigure06 Person standing

arquifigure24 Person walking

arquifigure30 Person walking

arquifigure49 Person sitting

arquifigure57 Person sitting

arquifigure87 Person sports-running

arquifigure89 Person sports-volleyball

arquifigure174 Kid standing

arquifigure175 Kid walking


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