arquideco03_Coat hook

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LOG IN or REGISTER TO DOWNLOAD! Parametric coat hook with a modern design with detailed/non-detailed geometry and various visibility and material parameters. You can modify the dimensions and the number of hooks. The position of the bag and the shirt changes accordingly. Shirt and bag have on/off instance parameters. Possibility to specify a placeholder in Enscape. See tutorials for more details

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Instance visibility parameters: Yes
Type visibility parameters: No
Instance material parameters: Yes
Type material parameters: Yes
Custom textures: Yes
Reacts to view detail levels: Yes
Revit family category: Furniture
RFA Filesize: 3.13 MB
Works with: Revit 2017 and above

4 reviews for arquideco03_Coat hook

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  3. Ladjri Ihcene


  4. Mourad BO

    Good job, Thanks

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