Arquitree presents a new way to handle your Revit projects. Use very detailed geometries in your families that look good no matter the visual style and even if you want your edges to be displayed. These families have various parameters for customization, a unique and simple way of handling the materials and react to all detail levels so that you can populate your projects with hundreds or even thousands of objects. Create astonishing perspective views without even rendering, make your conceptual designs pop and have the same objects synchronizing in all views, casting accurate shadows and more. All within Revit!


Our families look good in every view style no matter if realistic or hidden line, no matter if displaying edges or not, because they show only the contour lines. You can also use the realistic view style with “show edges” unchecked and simply export or print your view instead of waiting hours for your render to finish, or you can use the hidden line view style for earlier presentations, floor plans or section views. The models react in all view styles when modifying the materials or graphic overrides.

Just play with the graphic display settings and you can achieve astonishing views without even having to render. None of these images are rendered.


Just change the detail level of your view and you have a completely different image.

  • create conceptual diagrams using the coarse detail level  (the geometries show up as simple shapes in this detail level)
  • turn the view into an autumn scene with the medium detail level (trees for example don’t show their leaves in this detail level)
  • generate highly detailed views with the fine detail level where your families will display their whole geometry
  • use the visibility graphics overrides to change the colors and other appearances of your families

This approach will also let you handle big files on a simple computer and it is not the only way you can customize your objects.


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