About arquitree

Our ultimate goal as a multidisciplinary team is that all the components and Revit families available on Arquitree.com not only look good in your renderings, but also support the technical and practical requirements of architecture, interior design, or urbanism throughout the design and construction processes, and improve the accuracy with the unique and user-friendly set of parameters available to assist you in customizing your assets.

The Arquitree-story starts after having had juuust enough first-hand experience with the pains of creating organic components from scratch on Revit – particularly the intricate organic ones like Revit Trees, Grass, Plants etc. To our team, this is also known as the pivotal moment which naturally pushed us to explore solutions for streamlining the process and thus save valuable time. Ironically, this pursuit for a reliable source for ready-made Revit trees led us back to the drawing board, where we embarked on this journey of creating the digital assets that we’ve all been missing, and making them available for download on arquitree.com, for fellow architects, interior designers, and urbanists to use in their projects. And here we are. Thank you for being here!

Established in 2020, Arquitree.com has since amassed a consistent number of delighted customers, has sucessfully advanced many projects, and this had further strengthened our resolve to continue designing different categories of parametric, high quality 3D models and Revit families, that can be rendered realistically directly from Revit and are also easy to use in plans, elevations, or other technical drawings.

Long arquitreestory, short… let’s talk numbers

9000+ happy customers

99,7% satisfaction rate

Est. 2020

Looks like this industry is a safe place for a healthy obsession with quality of design, functionality, aesthetic accuracy, and compatibility of the ready-made digital assets in BIM technology. As our bold plans for the physical world constantly push the boundaries of how creative visions become palpable realities, it’s equally crucial that our digital presentations rise to the challenge.

You can count on Arquitree to consistently